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Atelier Sommarti – Large fiberglass head

In the early 80's, Atelier Sommarti is an exciting company which produces, repairs, sells and rents custom display mannequins, advertising sculptures and design objects. The business is unique in its field in that it allows a personal participation in the creative process, therefore, puts the customer and his or her needs at the center of the product. The company offers unique innovative piece, and has been very popular in cultural and retail sectors (fashion, theater, film). Moreover, Atelier Sommarti collaborated with local artists, participating in group exhibitions and shows.

Dimensions: L.123cm x H.90 x P.100 W.48,42inch x H.35,43 x P.39,37
Creator: Atelier Sommarti
Date of creation: Circa 1980
Provenance: Brussels (Belgium)